A Runner’s Christmas Gift Guide!

Are you one of these people who struggle to come up with ideas for Christmas?

Believe it or not, I personally find it pretty hard to come up with ideas when someone asks ‘What do you want for Christmas?’. Problem is, the question tends to come after a long conversation where I’ve come up with ideas for my two children and husband, and then…just when I think I’ve nailed it for Great Aunt Alice…I’m all out and totally stumped.

Poor me…I know…get the violins out!

However, most years you’ll more often than not go with the following;

– running socks (Hilly are my fave)
– running sunglasses (one always needs more colours – Goodr are really good value and so much choice!)
– subscription to a running magazine.

What is certain is…us runners love kit.

When I asked on social media what people were hoping to get this year it was a long shopping list of stuff – from headbands and leggings, to chest lights for night time runs, base layers and new trail shoes. 

With this in mind, and in the hope of coming up with some ‘outside the box’ ideas, I have been speaking with some of my favourite local businesses to see if I can give you an early Christmas present in the form of DISCOUNT CODES BABY!

All the gear no idea…

Ha! I’m defo not saying this is you obviously…but…if you like good quality kit (without the crazy price tag) it’s well worth having a look at the delights you can find at The Peachy Queen Company. The three lovely ladies running the show are based in Yorkshire, and are passionate about health and fitness. They want to help women feel empowered, inspired and confident in their activewear!

I have absolutely loved the sports bra I bought from the PQs this summer – be gone old tatty grey (should be white) M&S sports bra…hello flattering spaghetti straps and a super comfortable fit. Easily one of my best kit purchases this year.

On my list from the Peachy Queens is the base layer and a pair of the ‘laiking’ leggings which are pretty much identical to my usual Sweaty Betty favourites, but half the price!

Keira, Zoe and Lou have been super generous and let me have a 10% discount code for you all to fill your boots, just in case you see anything that tickles your fancy – HRRUNNING10

It’s all about the journey man…

If you have more running related stuff than you can shake a stick at, how about something a little different that might just help you learn a little bit and ultimately massively benefit your running. How about an ‘experience’?? It can be as grand or as simple as you want – here are a few of my ideas.

A session with a Strength Coach or a bundle of strength focused gym classes to help you become an all round runner.

Asking an expert to help you is such a liberating thing. We are so busy organising, making decisions for multiple people that sometimes it feels awesome to have someone else do the bossing and tell you want to do. Not only that but a strength coach (my personal favourite is Ruth, of Fitness with Ruth, who has a wealth of experience and a totally awesome runner to boot) will also help you identify your strengths and weakness and work on the areas that will enhance your running.

Ruth is always looking to find the fun in fitness

A day (or week long) experience doing your favourite activity and following it up with eating all of your favourite food!

I don’t know about you but I love a spa day. The only thing is, I’m not that good at chilling and sitting still. Don’t get me wrong, I love luxuriating in having a whole day to myself. I love eating lovely food and maybe drinking a drop or two of fizz after a treatment but what it’s missing for me is a little sweat.

Turns out With M has got it all covered. On the 22nd January she is organising a running and brunching extravaganza from Pateley Bridge. The guided trail run will be around 5-6 miles and then once you return you will literally be able to fill your face with some seriously delicious food. I don’t want to get you too excited but I’m just going to quickly throw out the words fruit compote, granola, oak roast salmon and potato frittata, pancakes, eggs benedicte and pastries!!! I know – what more could you actually want…

Something to get those taste buds going!!

Click on this link and get booked on!!

You can also purchase gift vouchers from M if you fancy putting it towards one of the many week long experiences – and you don’t have to run, you could hike, bike or swim! The aim of all of these experiences is not just to do the activity and eat the food but to come away feeling like you’ve learnt something – all the guides are raring to help you build that knowledge to help you improve your skills!

Give that body a bit of TLC with a sports massage

How about asking for a voucher for a sports massage and showing that body a bit of love. We can sometimes push and push our bodies and forget about the looking after it part. But it’s really important to take the time to loosen things off and relieve some of the tension. Not at all frivolous if you ask me and it will do you the world of good.

For those of you who like surprises!

How about a monthly subscription box? Is there anyone out there who still actually enjoys shopping!? I don’t think I ever really have. So the Eat Sweat Reset subscription box is an absolute winner if you are into health and fitness….which you must be right…you’re signed up to this email!

How does it work? Well, it’s basically like getting a little present delivered to your door each month…or I should say, box of presents! The goodies inside are always worth about double the price of the actual box and there’s always a great mix of fitness gear and nutrition to help keep you motivated, educated and trying out the latest brands.

Eat, Sweat and Reset is also a Yorkshire based company and they have been kind enough to give me a discount code for you all to receive 10% off – HR10

Kelly and Lucy, the Founders of ESR

There is also a fab company called Monty and Ridge who put together one off bespoke boxes full of goodies that can be customised to whatever your favourite adventure activity is – whether that’s cycling, hiking, running or gym-ing!

So there you have it! Hopefully I’ve given you some good ideas of how to treat yourself or the runners you love the most!