What do Running Coaches actually do?

I get asked this question a lot….and if they don’t ask, I usually get the kind of puzzled look when I say ‘I’m a Running Coach’ which tells me they have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about.

That’s ok though – I didn’t know running coaches were even a thing until I stumbled across one on Instagram that fateful day!! Ha ha!

‘I’m working hard…honest!’

So here it is, a sneak peak at my week – I’d love to know if it was what you expected or totally the opposite and you thought I just ran around taking photos of myself for social media all day every day?!


I start the week reviewing how my online clients training has gone during the previous week. Catch up with them if necessary and amend plans to reflect where they are.

I also take time to plan the group sessions that I coach during the week.

My first group of the week is at a local primary school on Monday afternoon. The session is for children from 7-11 yrs old and focused on developing their fundamental movement skills and running fitness, all through the medium of play and fun! Click here to see the children in action!

In the evening I venture out to coach two groups at Upper Wharfedale Runners, the club that I created in Grassington. At the beginning of the year, we have two groups – one is the couch to 5k beginner group and another for the more intermediate runners who have a go at some intervals.

By the end of the day on Monday – it’s fair to say I’m knackered!


I keep Tuesdays free for 1-2-1 client sessions. Depending on the individual and their goals, we work on things such as fundamental movement skills, technique, running fitness, and pacing.

These 1-2-1 client sessions can often be new clients who are having a technique assessment before starting with online coaching. We do this because it gives me a good idea of their strengths and weaknesses, and where we need to focus their mobility and strength plans that we put in place alongside their running training.

I coach intervals at Skipton AC fortnightly where alongside learning a little about technique and practicing running drills the sessions include, short sprints, hill reps and threshold running.

The mighty Skipton AC after nailing a tough Oregon Circuit


On Wednesday I focus on developing my knowledge – that could be training workshops or reading the latest coaching studies to ensure I am up to date and as informed as I can be to deliver top quality coaching to my clients.

The beauty of working for myself means I can work in a trip to the gym on Wednesday afternoons before picking the children up and taking them for their swimming lesson!


On Thursday I focus on business development and admin tasks. This includes the not to be underestimated tasks of – planning my social media posts, writing the weekly motivational newsletter (sign up here!), blogging, invoicing clients, updating the website…the list goes on!


I keep Friday free to book in the more formal monthly reviews with my online coaching clients. When I say formal, it’s a catch up via WhatsApp and sometimes if they are local we even meet up for a brew! We spend the time reflecting on how the previous 4 weeks have gone, what’s gone well, what they’ve struggled with and what we need to focus on in the next 4 weeks to enable to them to take another step closer to their goal.

There is usually lots of actions for me after these catch ups so I spend the rest of the day updating and tweaking plans to make sure my clients are set and ready for their weekend of training.

So there you have it.

My working week in all it’s glory – On Saturday I occasionally book in early morning private sessions but I like to keep the weekend as free as possible for family time and having fun with my boys!

I should just say…as you know, I like to keep it real…

This is how I aim for my week to go, and by in large all of the above does take place but sometimes not in that order!

I also should also point out that on top of the above, my phone does like a good ‘ping’ most hours with something from either run clubbers or clients which needs my attention and can sometimes distract me from the task in hand – but I’m trying to get better at that!