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Running with Premature Ovarian Insufficieny (POI)

Update: November 2022 I wrote my last blog in September just after being diagnosed with POI. Since then I’ve been getting my head round what’s happening inside my body and most importantly getting used to changing my HRT patch (twice a week) and taking my Progesterone tablets each evening. I’m an absolute nightmare when it […]

BREAKING NEWS: Woman aged 38 gets diagnosed with premature menopause…

This is me age 38. I join the 1% of women who go into early menopause before the age of 40. Things haven’t felt quite right for some time. Truth be told, I’ve been noticing strange goings on since late last year (2021) and the beginning of this year (2022). My period has been missing in action for […]

Morgan runs the 23km Cross Du Mont Blanc after being told he would never run again…

I’m very excited to share with you a truly inspiring tale from Upper Wharfedale Runner Morgan who reminds us anything is possible! I’ll hand straight over to him so you can hear it all in his words… “In July 2016, I awoke in a hospital bed to be told by a senior consultant orthopaedic surgeon […]