HR Running Coach provides online running coaching that is tailored to you and your goals!

Online running coaching is perfect for you if;

  • you have just signed up to an event,
  • you feel as though you have reached a plateau and aren’t seeing the improvements in fitness you would like, 
  • you would like some extra support and accountability to push your running to the next level.

You will receive coaching and advice on all aspects of your training, from technique to strength and mobility.

We assess every element of your running, and provide you with unlimited, ongoing coaching support.


  • Access to HR Running Coach Facebook group network and fellow team mates.
  • Weekly newsletter full of motivation to get you moving!
  • Enjoy team discounts from large sports retailers, and on HR Running Coach merchandise.


  • Initial online or 1-2-1 assessment of running technique
  • Library of coaching guides covering all aspects of mobility, strength, technique and nutrition
  • Discounted rates for 1-2-1 coaching sessions.


  • Bespoke training plan tailored to your individual goals.
  • Bespoke strength plan tailored to your individual needs.
  • Bespoke mobility plan tailored to your individual needs.


  • Ongoing and unlimited contact with Hannah to support you with your training.
  • Structured monthly review and feedback sessions.

I could not have done the race I did today without Hannah’s brilliant guidance throughout these two training blocks.

Hannah was able to keep me motivated, injury free, stronger and fitter week after week. The approach she chose for the 2nd shorter block in particular really sharpened my fitness without overtraining me so a huge thank you to her for her support, her friendship and for believing in me.


Hannah gave me the support and motivation I needed to get back into training. Her enthusiasm for my running and my success, gave me the extra push to get out there and to believe in myself again.


The best thing about Hannah’s coaching was the friendship and support. Having someone to listen to you and to chat things through with. To not have to think each time I went out what to do, the plan was there for me.


At first I was sceptical of whether online coaching would provide what I needed but I’ve got to say it worked really well for me.The app was really easy to use and it quickly became part of my daily routine to check in on what I had planned for the next day.The way you routinely flexed the plan to work around my calendar, goals and niggles was just what I needed.

When you originally asked about my goals, I wanted to stay injury free.Whilst there were knee issues and aches and pains on the way, I feel sure that I would have aggravated these if it hadn’t been for you keeping me on course and ensuring I did things properly, giving myself the time to recover when necessary.

As a runner (didn’t think I’d be calling myself that 18 months ago!) who struggled through C25K the wrong side of 50, I had no expectations, and the thought of entering races or running 10K plus couldn’t have been further from my mind.Your coaching and support continually increased my confidence and consequently my goals became more ambitious.Would I have been able to run a sub 50 minute 10K only 19 months from that first C25K run without your coaching, I think not!