bespoke Training Plans

Training plans are a good way to bring some structure to your running, work towards a specific event and also provide a great source of accountability.

Every runner is different. Some people have been running for as long as they can remember and others are just starting to get into it. We are all developing at different rates, have different strengths and weakness, and day to day time constraints. This is why a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work for everyone. 

Event Specific Bespoke Plans

If you are looking for a 8 – 16 week ‘event specific’ plan that is tailored to your own personal fitness levels and busy lifestyle, we work together to ensure you have a training cycle which is the perfect fit for you.


I genuinely cannot thank you enough for the confidence, love of running and free head space you have guided me too!

Elinor / Yorkshire Dales

I started running with structure in February and all of a sudden there was nowhere to hide. Hill sprints, intervals, pyramids. Hannah was there to check on me and push me through the sessions where, if left to my own devices, I’d have probably sacked it off. (10 hill sprints??? I’m sure 5 will do). Come lockdown we moved to online programming and I started to look forward to my structured sessions, happy when all my intervals hit the same pace, and I loved pushing through the pain of hill sprints.

My program finished on Saturday with a 5km run and I’ve knocked 2 minutes off my time since starting with Hannah. So what now? After a week off I’m already missing the structure, so of course I’m doing another block with Hannah! I didn’t know I needed a running coach, and now I wouldn’t be without her.

Ruth / West Yorkshire

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