We’ve moved to New Zealand!

It’s been a while and much has been happening so here’s a little update from me.

After the disappointment of the Three Peaks Race (I was timed out at Chapel-le-Dale by 3 minutes – boo hoo) I was thrust into another entirely different type of discomfort…moving my family across to the other side of the world to live in New Zealand for a 3 year adventure.

Say whaaaaaaaat???

I know. Curve ball.

Exciting and terrifying in equal measure, we broke the news to the children, we found a new home for our beloved Cocker Spaniel, we fixed up our house for someone else to live in it, we walked up to our favourite family spots to soak in as much of Littondale as we could and we said goodbye to our loved ones, many times over.

At the time it felt ok, manageable…a matter of ticking off one part of the check list and move on to the next.

And now we’re here

I write this blog whilst sitting in my open plan kitchen/living room with a view of the sea and the capital city of Wellington. It’s a beautiful morning, blue sky, sunshine and the usual Wellington breeze.

It sounds and is pretty idyllic.

I’ve just walked the boys to school for their first full week and I can tell they are having to psyche themselves up with each step. Their eyes telling me that they just want to go back to normal and be at home with their friends.

It blooming well kills me… and I know this is the really hard bit.

It’s the part of the race when you don’t think you’re going to be able to finish, it’s the part of training when it’s dark and cold and raining and you don’t want to get up let alone go for a run.

So…the good news is…I know it will pass, I know that if we all need to keep going and continue to embrace the discomfort as best we can the rewards will be there waiting for us at the end.

We will keep positive, keep getting out there and wait for the moment when part of our hearts make their way across the world to join us in this mini adventure we are on.

Will I still be coaching??


I didn’t really fully stop and have continued to coach a small number of UK clients throughout the moving process.

I wasn’t sure how coaching people on the other side of the world would go but we’ve got into a really good rhythm of either catching up during my morning/their evening or vice versa.

I plan and programme their run, strength and mobility sessions all in their training app as I would in the UK. I tweak and flex as is needed and I continue to be there to provide support and guidance when they need me.

My aim is to fully explore the running scene in NZ. Some of the races look absolutely MEGATRON and I would love to start coaching people over here.

My goal is ALWAYS to help individuals achieve things that make them feel fr!kkin’ awesome. It doesn’t matter to me where you live – being an online coach enables me to help you where ever you are.