Running Drills

Running Drills

Running drills can sometimes feel like something only the real ‘professionals’ do but they are important for us all to take the time to work on.

The purpose of running drills is to improve communication between your brain and legs to help you move in a more efficient way. They strengthen both the muscles and joints needed for powerful, faster running. Drills also improve coordination, balance and proprioception to help you become a better athlete.

Top 4 Drills for Tip Top Technique!

Here are my top four – try getting into a routine of doing these once a week ideally before your harder session (if you have one planned). After a bit of ‘easy’ running to warm up, find a nice 30m stretch and repeat each drill 3 times. Have a play around – they will probably feel a bit silly and alien at first but I promise they are well worth spending some time on!

High Knees

This is a fantastic drill, I make the Upper Wharfedale Runners practice it most weeks! It brings an awareness to all of the key elements of your running stride

Hamstring Kicks

This drill helps switch the focus onto how you finish your stride. This is really helpful if you have a tendency to overreach with your lead leg or if you want to work on your cadence.

Heel to bottom

These can feel very strange and not much like running at all – however, what you are working on in this drill is where your foot makes contact with the ground.


Easily the most fun drill and I hope it takes you back to your childhood! Apart from making you feel like a child again it’s purpose is to work on two important phases of your running stride – knee drive and the powerful ‘toe off’ phase.

If you have any questions after watching these videos please get in touch – I would be very happy to help!

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